Light up signs

Type of Light up Signs:

Light up signs with neon
Vintage lights
Neon picture frame
Bulb mirror

All of our Light up Signs have the following features:

  • • 100% handcrafted signs made by us with many years experience in sign making.
  • • Only the highest quality parts are used.
  • • They are available in various colours.
  • • 2 meter power cord that plugs into a standard UK outlet.
  • • Installation materials are included.
  • • These signs can be located in your window, mounted on your wall or sit on acounter.
  • • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • • They come complete and ready for immediate use.

Our Light up signs are made of different components such as aluminium, rusted metal, neon, fairground light (cabochons), incandescent bulbs, etc.

We are using incandescent bulbs as well as LED bulb modules -for longer lasting installation- with colourful cabochons caps.

We offer two sizes of cabochon caps: 62mm diameter and 45mm diameter for smaller designs. The bulbs and the neon can utilised to almost any kind of materials like wood, metal or plastic.

We can create any type of shape, formation or logo.

Contact Us:

We offer a huge range of variety of signs for personal use, home decoration and also for filming, photo shoots, TV shows, media adverts, events, restaurants, bars, domestic use, etc.

We design logos, we can work on an existing design or we can create a brand new customised light up sign.

Our products are very high quality.

We can fabricate anything for you!

Light up signs for home use is a great option to light up the lounge or any part of your home.

We also offer custom light up signs to fit nearly every need you may have for individualised customised sign. You can also send us an existing image of any sign design that you would be interested in having us build for you. We will offer you a quote free of charge on your custom light up sign idea.

When it comes to create your neon sign, it does not matter where you are going to display it, but the most important thing is to have it built for the purpose. We are happy to come up with different designs to choose from, so you can materialise your ideas with our help.

We use the highest quality components creating our bar signs, making sure that the finished article is not only a long lasting product, but a sign that our customers are proud to display in their homes or business.

We offer a wide range of variety of services like design, fabrication, installation and servicing.

We can custom build all of our sign to your needs! The colour, the size, the type of illumination are all up to you. We define the shape first, than we decide on the colour. It is quite important to set the size right too as the last thing we want is to have the sign built too big or even too small.

Andesigneon is dedicated to provide it's clients with the best solution for their needs. We can customise our stylish marquee built up letters for any occasion or purpose. When it comes to select the type of illumination for signage, Andesigneon will be the exclusive choice going forward.

We can accommodate your idea in any design using various light sources. You tell us what you have in your mind and we create the piece you dreamed off.

See the link " portfolio " for ideas of your next neon sign!