Marquee light up letters

Type of Marquee Light up letters:

Custom designer letters
Script letters
With cabochons
With incandescent bulbs
With neon
With outline neon

All of our Marquee light up letters have the following features:

  • • 100% handcrafted letters with metal returns made by us with many years experience insign making.
  • • Only the highest quality parts are used.
  • • The letters are available in various colours.
  • • Every letters are wired separately with a 2 meter power cord to a 3 pin UK plug.
  • • All our letters are tested for your safety.
  • • These letters can be mounted on your wall or sit on a counter.
  • • Suitable for indoor use (weather proofing available).
  • • They come complete and ready for installation.

Light up letters have become very popular in the past years. They are likely used for any occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, reunion, anniversaries, christenings, events, shows, photoshoots, filming, fashion shows, etc. They are also loved by pubs, restaurants, festivals and music bands.

Some end up as a standalone letters that fix to the wall, some attached to a fascia sign, while others are illuminated with their own reliable neon, incandescent or LED bulb. Marquee letters are primarily used outdoors, some can be installed in interior signage as well. The size of most of the letters dictates that they are designed to be read from a reasonable distance away, but having said that, smaller sized letters with a shallow return can look very effective on an interior reception wall.
The biggest advantage of these light up letters that, they can be custom tailored for any purposes in any size and colour.
We offer a huge range of font types, sizes and colour patterns for our clients to choose from and this is what enables them to virtually build their own signs.

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We also offer a big variety of materials for our light up letters. The most popular type is made of brushed metal and wood however, we can use aged iron, rusty metal, recycled tin, etc. All of these materials have their own benefits, therefore it is essential to discuss your application with us in details, so we can offer the best solution for you!

We offer a huge variety of Marquee light up letters in any size, font type and colour. We combine these “ingredients” to achieve the best possible option for your needs.

Our type of lights are: neon, outline neon, incandescent bulbs, cabochons. We supply our Neon Marquee letters in any colours and they are made 'in house' by the owner with many years experience.

Each characters are available in two different sizes, 400mm and 800mm high. We can use either incandescent or LED module bulbs with the cabochon type lights. If you have a different size in mind, please contact us and we personalise them for you!

Our light up letters can come with different type of illuminations too. We are the only sign company in England who is in the position to fabricate all of their signs in house using neon, incandescent bulbs, pygmy bulbs, cabochon cap turbo lights and LED bulbs. Our neon signs and neon components are manufactured by us in any formats too! All of our light up letters are made by hand to a very high standard to achieve our customers' satisfaction.

We personally deliver our light up letters to your door ensuring, that you will receive the product in time and in the quality you expect it to be! These products are manufactured using the latest technology, tools and materials, because we would love to hear your happy thoughts and want you to share the world how proud our product made you!

Andesigneon is dedicated to provide it's clients with the best solution for their needs. We can customise our stylish marquee built up letters for any occasion or purpose. When it comes to select the type of illumination for signage, Andesigneon will be the exclusive choice going forward.

Type of Marquee Light up letters:

  • • Marquee letters with neon,
  • • Marquee letters with outline neon,
  • • Marquee light up letters with incandescent bulbs,
  • • Marquee light up letters with cabochons,

See the link " portfolio " for ideas of your next neon sign!