Stylish Marquee light up BAR sign

Vintage style marquee BAR sign with illuminated letters. This is a unique piece with stylised effect that will bring more attention than you have ever believed!


- Representing three type of lights in one place!
- 'B': Fairground style light with LED bulb module; white&blue cabochon cups.
- 'A': Traditional marquee style light with incandescent bulbs, black glossy finish.
- 'C': Channel letter with outline neon.
- 100mm polished metal returns, finished with traditional marquee bulb lights, cabochons and neon. The letters can be wired individually with a 2m lead to a U.K. plug or can be joined for request.
- Hight: 40cm

Please get in touch for custom requirements!
Price: £360

Stylish Marquee light up BAR sign
Stylish Marquee light up BAR sign
Stylish Marquee light up BAR sign
Stylish Marquee light up BAR sign
Stylish Marquee light up BAR sign

Stylish Marquee

Our stylish marquee light up letters, in other words fairground letters have become very popular in the past years. Sign makers are examining new technologies and techniques to create built up lettering with a unique finish.

Some end up as a standalone letters that fix to the wall, some attached to a fascia sign, while others are illuminated with their own reliable neon, incandescent or LED bulb. Our stylish marquee letters are primarily used outdoors, some can be installed in interior signage as well. The size of most of the letters dictates that they are designed to be read from a reasonable distance away, but having said that, smaller sized letters with a shallow return can look very effective on an interior reception wall.

Stylish marquee are often used for occasions like weddings, birthday celebrations, reunion, anniversaries, christenings, events, shows, photoshoots, filming, fashion shows, etc. They are also loved by pubs, restaurants, festivals and music bands.

In terms of illumination, we offer a wide range to choose from. We use incandescent (pygmy) bulbs as a standard lighting solution however, we can use LED, cabochon cap turbo lights and the traditional neon as well to illuminate our stylish marquee letters. Our neon signs and neon components are manufactured by us in any formats too! All of our light up letters are made by hand to a very high standard.

Andesigneon is dedicated to provide it's clients with the best solution for their needs. We can customise our stylish marquee built up letters for any occasion or purpose. When it comes to selecting the lights for signage then, Andesigneon will be the exclusive choice going forward.