Vintage Whiskey Bar sign


Neon is mounted on a vintage tin box which has been made to look old. It is ready to be mounted to the wall. Indoor or outdoor options are available. Specific neon transformer is supplied at the back with a 2m lead wired to a UK plug.

Size: 64cm x 36cm x 12cm
Price: £399

Vintage Whiskey Bar sign

Whiskey bar sign

Andesigneon is offering a large variety of bar signs for restaurants, pubs, events, shows, birthday celebrations, reunions, photoshoots, filming, fashion shows, etc.

We use the highest quality components creating our bar signs, making sure that the finished article is not only a long lasting product, but a sign that our customers are proud to display in their home or business.

When it comes to create your bar sign, it does not matter where you are going to display it, but the most important thing is to have it built for the purpose. We are happy to come up with different designs to choose from, so you can materialise your ideas with our help.

We use incandescent bulbs, LED, fairground bulbs and the traditional neon lighting to illuminate your bar sign or you can combine any of these options too.

Marquee and fairground letters and signs become very popular in the past years to be used as an interior lighting solution. They are not only creating the right atmosphere, but displaying your message with the most appropriate lighting option.

Andesigneon is dedicated to provide it's clients with the best solution for their needs. When it comes to selecting the lights for signage then, Andesigneon will be the exclusive choice going forward.